Screenographic Free ReShade Presets[v3.4]

Please click the images below to be taken to the download of the FFXIV ReShade preset .ini file.


free reshade preset
Autumn Preset

Note: This preset is heavily dependent on natural daylight (you can un-check Technicolor 2 to reduce the orange) however, over or under exposure can wield poor results. This filter can also be easily modified with the use of the standard GPose filters.

Sepia Portrait

free reshade filter
Light Studio Sepia Preset

Note: This preset is used best within light studios although it works well outdoors and in combination with the other GPose filters.

Dark Portrait

free reshade preset
Dark Portrait Preset

For best results: This preset is most effective within a dark studio with indirect lighting to one side of the character, then one faint GPose (level 1) light to highlight features.

free reshade preset

Bright Light Portrait (WiP)

free reshade presets
Bright Light Studio Preset

Note: This preset is used best in a light studio (though also dark studio) and works well on a range of skin tones, just be careful not to over expose the lighting (level 5 room lighting and no GPose lights are used above).

Elder Scrolls Online

reshade filter
Click image to begin download of the .ini file.

Here’s a filter I’ve been working on for ESO (it may develop!). I wanted something to lightly enhance the environment while adding a distance DoF. The +F4 toggle adds a light Filmic Pass. This was tested in Stormhaven on a bright day, though it still works fairly well in the gloom! Please note: this filter was created with ReShade 3.0.7 (due to the broken DoF within later installs). I’ve tried to stick with simple setting so they shouldn’t clash with later versions. Please keep me posted!

Please note: If this filter shows heavy foreground blur this is the DoF getting stuck due to either busy network activity or weather effects (raid is heavy culprit in ESO!).

DoF Toggle: F5 (Turn off if you wish to play with basic enhance on all the time)
Filmic Toggle: F4

:Download link:

Thank you for looking! I’ll be making additions to this page over the next few days before I remove 3.4 to revert back to my faithful 3.0.7!